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Talent intelligence technology that enables you to recruit the best people, enhance retention rates, and cultivate diverse and highly cohesive teams.

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For professional recruitment, RPO’s and In-house HR Teams

Talent Acquisition

Scientifically Match Talent to Teams

Evaluate how individuals will likely interact with teammates, how they approach tasks and understand how they will connect and contribute to an existing team, to maximise their potential.

Traditional hiring processes focus on individual skills and capabilities. MyPeople have combined two decades of performance analysis from elite sport, to provide the first team-based psychological evaluation for use in talent acquisition. Helping organisations to hire the right people into the right environment where they can thrive.


72% of customers have reported a significant increase in candidate engagement.


69% of employees stay at least 3 years if there is a mutual alignment of values and a team connection.


83% of candidates who scored ‘great fit’ in both role and team dynamics secured an interview or job offer.


4 out of 5 job seekers say company culture is one of the deciding factors in their application process.

for SME’s and Enterprise businesses

Talent Management

Cultivate a Performance-Enhancing Environment

Let our unique tech EVA shine a spotlight on your workplace environment; from the behaviours that guide action, the shared values that underpin the way work is done, to employee sentiment, and how these factors collectively affect the success of your business.  

Understand your culture and environment using our insights to drive improvements across your teams and advance internal mobility, ensuring promotions prioritise capability and suitability, enabling succession plans that are fair and equitable.


Only 29% of HR leaders have confidence their organisation’s tools help employees deliver high performance.


81% of Leaders reported a direct improvement in Team cohesion and alignment after implementing EVA.


49% of leaders cite lacking tools for talent identification and mobilisation as a top barrier to internal mobility.


9 out of 10 managers reported improvements in their team’s collaboration and performance.

Right People

Individuals with specific expertise, personality traits, values, leadership qualities and the motivation required to elevate your team and business.

Right Environment

Where defined roles, supportive leadership approaches, and guidance collaboratively cultivate a shared value system emphasising trust, cooperation, and accountability.

Right Results

People engaging in appropriate tasks, fostering effective connections, making meaningful contributions, and feeling a sense of belonging – driving optimal performance.

Who Are MyPeople?

With over 20 years of experience using data-driven insight to build some of sport’s greatest teams, MyPeople understands the pivotal functions that culture and environment play in fostering exceptional work.

From engaging your talent, maximising their well-being, and unlocking performance potential – whatever your talent challenges, we have the expertise and solutions to help.