Talent Acquisition

Scientifically Match Talent to Teams

Our unique science-backed evaluations predict which candidates will most likely succeed in your role and specific team.

Enhance your hiring process with individually tailored interview questions based on how a candidate will likely perform in an existing team, and enhance candidate engagement with personalised reports that deliver valuable feedback.

Add certainty to your screening process by matching candidates with the right role, team, and business by evaluating their personality profile and workplace preferences.

We offer packages for different levels of hire;

from early careers through to executive leadership.

Graduate & Early Career Hiring

Professional Hiring

Senior & Exec Leadership Hiring

Volume Hiring

Exceptional Talent, Rapidly

Expand your talent pool and secure top-quality candidates who will authentically connect and contribute to the team environment.

Our methodology surpasses conventional approaches, identifying untapped and diverse talent, which fosters an inclusive and innovative work atmosphere. With MyPeople, you can hire the right people faster and exceed expectations.

Unmatched Efficiency

Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge evaluation process, which positions us as one of the most efficient in the market – driving candidate engagement. ‍Our scientific approach evaluates candidates and team environments, enabling you to swiftly identify the most compatible matches.

With MyPeople, you’ll achieve remarkable results with your candidate selection and placement.

Enhance Engagement

Harness our solutions to strengthen your assessment experience and candidate engagement. MyPeople’s transformative impact in talent acquisition illustrates how our solutions drive improved business outcomes and enhance satisfaction.

With our unique approach, evaluating the environment and the individual, you can ensure your selection process delivers added value and solidifies your position for ongoing engagement, fostering long-lasting and successful relationships.

Optimal Experience

Instantly provide candidates and hiring managers with easy-to-understand digital reports, improving the experience for your candidates, hiring managers and other key stakeholders in the hiring process. Our unique approach empowers hiring managers with the necessary insights, facilitating meaningful hiring conversations.

Candidates gain a comprehensive overview of their characteristics, traits, work preferences, values and the team environment they are being assessed for. The MyPeople insights can also help shape future onboarding plans and ongoing development needs.

Start building great teams with MyPeople

Your all-in-one talent intelligence platform for attracting, managing and retaining your people and teams.

Evolved Solutions For Recruitment Success

MyPeople has evolved from extensive scientific research with high-performing elite sporting teams alongside significant corporate global brands, to help define and predict talent performance in recruitment.

Our occupational psychologists worked for 20 years to help design predictive solutions that support the recruitment of high-performing individuals and measure the impact of their working environment. Our talent acquisition solution provides objective assessments which benefit from our analysis, insights and validation.