Talent Management​

Cultivate a Performance-Enhancing Environment

Your all-in-one talent intelligence platform for attracting, managing and retaining your people and teams.

MyPeople enables you to recruit the best people, enhance retention rates, and cultivate a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

Backed by science, proven in sport, adapted for business.

Shine a light on the behaviours, shared values, well-being and employee sentiments that collectively influence the success of your business.

Retain Your Talent

Maximize team potential With MyPeople, place your talent where they’ll shine brightest. Our platform ensures your people are engaged, challenged, and aligned with your company’s goals, creating a foundation for lasting success. 

Enhance retention by aligning individuals’ behaviours and personality traits to roles to foster strategic career growth within your organisation, ensuring employees remain engaged and committed to your long-term objectives and vision.

Strengthen Team Dynamics

MyPeople provides organisations with a precise snapshot of their team dynamics, by assessing key areas including engagement & connection, well-being, sentiment, values and effective communication.

Leverage these insights to understand your team’s readiness to perform, so you can concentrate interventions on high-impact areas to accelerate alignment between leaders and teams, creating tailored action plans that associate goals with outcomes.

Values & Culture Alignment

Our EVA tool delves deep into the shared beliefs, behaviours, and norms that define your organisation’s DNA. 

Gain invaluable insights into your cultural strengths, weaknesses, and areas ripe for improvement, with actionable insights tailored to align your team around a unified vision, driving cohesion and performance.

Internal Mobility

Empower leaders to drive business success through informed actions. The MyPeople EVA tool shines a light on talent and capability gaps in your organisation, ensuring you have the necessary roles, skills, and people to execute your future strategy.

By providing detailed insights into leadership styles, role profiles, and individual development areas at all levels, we enable you to make confident and consistent talent management decisions.

Start building great teams with MyPeople

Your all-in-one talent intelligence platform for attracting, managing and retaining your people and teams.

Evidence-Based Talent Management

Informed by decades of performance analysis from elite sports and cutting-edge academic research, EVA measures the unique interplay between individuals and their environment, unlocking unparalleled team improvement potential.

By utilising marginal gains methodologies and talent impact strategies, we optimise talent management and empower businesses to make evidence-based decisions, fostering an environment where every individual can thrive.