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Why MyPeople

Our Approach

MyPeople’s technology is powered by time-proven principles from elite sports, high-performing teams in the commercial world and cutting-edge academic research in team potential and performance. Through strategic partnerships with prestigious universities in the UK, USA, and the Netherlands, our scientific approach has been refined to suit the unique challenges faced by organisations of all sizes.

Traditional hiring and development strategies place excessive emphasis on individual-focused approaches. Our research findings highlight the importance of dynamically assessing the team environment and culture people are expected to perform in. 

Developed over 20 years, our in-house Psychologists and Data Science experts developed methodologies that transform high potential into high performance. Using these applications, our assessments have been finely tuned to predict job performance with precision accurately.

The Science

Predictive power

We measure personality traits aligned to role-related requirements, team environment dynamics, engagement, well-being, and culture – the key factors for maximising performance both at an individual and team level.

The factors contributing to success within your business are distinct. MyPeople analyses assessment responses with multiple data sources and constructs predictive performance models for talent acquisition and management, enabling you to recreate successful outcomes.

Personality traits

MyPeople evaluates personality traits, using the 16 Personality Factors framework (16PF), which is closely related to the Five-Factor Model (O.C.E.A.N). This measurement of personality profiling is the most widely researched and academically validated model of individual difference.

We use it to model which traits are most effective in job roles and which best support team behaviours. Indicating:

  • Characteristics that may influence both performance and the capacity to acquire knowledge 
  • Work style variables/procedural differences that could impact the way work is performed

We measure personality traits against role-related requirements to predict job-associated behaviour and career performance. This is because personality traits affect how people perform their jobs over time.

Team Environment

We use scenario-based questions to measure the culture and environment compatibility for individuals and teams. We assess 13 cultural constructs which are identified as the core components of organisational culture, to determine commonalities and differences. 

  • Aspects of work composed of specific needs that are important for job satisfaction 
  • Interests and values that reflect preferences for work environments and outcomes 
  • Characteristics of the organisation that influence how people do their work 
  • Physical and social factors that influence the nature of work 

A company’s culture and environment are dynamic and can change over time. Sometimes efforts should be made to change the culture of a team deliberately, and other times effort should be made to maintain what keeps the culture and environment special. Our tools are designed to help you understand how potential new hires or restructures could impact this balance.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Using the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) we assess levels of energy and mental resilience while working, along with sense of significance, inspiration, pride, challenge and concentration in work. These are aligned with three dimensions of work engagement: vigour, dedication and absorption. 

In addition, we use the Work Engagement Scale to measure health and well-being – the primary drivers of attrition and workplace stress. These scales are the most academically validated and provide the best data for calculations on discretionary effort, burnout levels, flight risk and productivity

Reliability and Validity

MyPeople have an in-house team of occupational psychologists and data scientists who collaborate on our platform and our assessments undergo ongoing norm group research for validation.

Benefits of Psychometric Software

At MyPeople, we believe that data insights support granular evaluations and so do…

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Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies rely on psychometric assessments for recruitment

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Over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK use Psychometric assessments

Extraordinary outcomes

Our data shows that companies using psychometric assessments experience dramatic

improvements in performance across

Our data shows that companies using psychometric assessments experience dramatic improvements in performance across


key metrics;


Of organisations saw a reduction in cost-to-hire


Of organisations saw a reduction in time-to-hire


Of organisations saw a reduction in mis-hires


Of organisations saw an increase in retention


Of organisations saw an increase in diversity

Our Parters

We couldn’t do it without them! Our partners help us use data and insight to build even more great teams.